About Us

Three Twenty is committed to creating a product that is new and unique, bringing back traditional Ice Cream in a style not seen here before. Providing premium quality for every customer that walks through our door. Only the highest standard is applied to our ice cream, in every detail from start to finish.

Our shop sits on a street full of independent retailers; our goal is to create relationships with our community and a destination for natural, delicious food that brings people together. Our ingredients are sourced from local farmers and suppliers. Our relationship with our suppliers is as important to us as the interactions we have with our employees and customers.

Liquid Nitrogen Process

Nitrogen is a natural and safe element which makes up approximately 78% of our atmosphere. In its natural liquid state, nitrogen has an extraordinarily low boiling point of - 320 degrees – hence our name! By using liquid nitrogen in the production process, Three Twenty is able to rapidly freeze our product at a low temperature which results in much smaller ice crystals being formed and less air than found in traditional ice cream. This gives us a much richer, creamier, denser ice cream that doesn’t require stabilizers and fillers.
Made with a base of pure, all-natural organic ingredients, Three Twenty Ice cream is not to be missed

Ice Cream

Three Twenty’s ice cream is made to order using organic anglaise. Our Organic milk is sourced from one of 12 jersey herds in the country and can be traced as such every week! Check out our board in store to see where this weeks anglaise is from. With every scoop made to order in store we let the taste speaks for itself! We rotate our flavours based on season and demand and are always experimenting to find that perfect scoop. Our goal is to rethink the way ice cream is created, to take it to new levels in Ireland and offer something people have not seen before. The creamy, smooth, dense texture of Three Twenty speaks for itself… something that’s not to be missed.