Week's Special



Salted Caramel Brownie

In-house salted caramel ganache with rich brownie pieces mixed through. Caramel is mixed with milk chocolate to create a unique flavour and The Cupcake Bloke brownies make this ice cream our most popular yet and one you'll be sure always to get in store and in 500ml tubs.

Chocolate S'more

Rich chocolate ganache ice cream topped with our signature in-house marshmallow. 66% dark chocolate ganache infused into our anglaise and light marshmallow fluff makes this one a popular ice cream for the kids, or the big kids too. 


Sicilian pistachio paste mixed through our anglaise for a balanced nutty flavour and creamy texture. For those wanting a sophisticated ice cream or wanting a less sweet flavour, pistachio has you covered. A dark horse in popularity in store and available in our 500ml tubs also.


Creme Brûlée

In-house custard mixed with our anglaise and charred with sugar in a cup. Buttery vanilla egg custard made daily, mixed with half anglaise and half custard. This one is special and gets the attention of many when the blowtouch is brought out to char the top. This ice cream is our vanilla when not charred. 



Oreo biscuits roughly mixed through our anglaise to create big chunks and loads of texture. Mixing in Oreos throughout our fast freezings helps this ice cream to scream Oreos or the classic "Cookies and Cream". This one is our most popular kids flavour and those who can't resist its simplicity and nostalgia. 


Chocolate Sorbet

Rich creamy chocolate sorbet that would make you doubt that it's made from water and chocolate. Freezing by liquid nitrogen gives this one a silky texture and zero icy-ness and it's dairy free and vegan! This ones here to stay and definitely one to try by all. 

Chocolate Hazelnut

 Rich chocolate hazelnut paste mixed into our anglaise resulting in a balanced flavour that would satisfy any hazelnut lover and the added bonus of chocolate too. An all round classic ice cream that might seem a 'safe' option but leave you wanting another scoop later.